About Shaun Bailey

Shaun Bailey is the Conservative Member of Parliament for West Bromwich West, serving communities of Great Bridge, Oldbury, Princes End, Tipton, Tividale and Wednesbury.

Prior to his election in December 2019, Shaun worked in several law firms and finally a leading bank.

Shaun has campaigned extensively for more funding for our High Streets in Wednesbury, Oldbury, and Tipton; ensuring that the 3 towns that make up West Bromwich West receive their fair share of funding and investment.

Shaun is also keen to support small business in Wednesbury, Oldbury, and Tipton and ensuring that these businesses can survive and create meaningful jobs for everyone in our area, so that we can keep our communities together.

Shaun is determined to keep our communities safe. He has led campaigns in support of Tipton and other police stations which have been subjected to the police station closure programme being pushed by the Labour Police Crime Commissioner. Crime is one of Shaun's top priorities and he is absolutely determined to ensure that this issue is tackled head on. 

The NHS is also one of Shaun’s key priorities. Shaun has campaigned to ensure that the new Midlands Metropolitan Hospital is completed on time, as well as ensuring that services at other hospitals are maintained. 

Reckless development is also a blight on the borough, and Shaun has been vocal in his opposition to damaging planning decisions, such as the Lion Farm Fields development in Tividale, which will see one of our few remaining green spaces concreted over.

Shaun is determined to unlock the untapped potential of the communities of Wednesbury, Oldbury, and Tipton.