A busy few days in Parliament

So, a busy few days back in Parliament, main jobs completed/in progress:

1. Invited the Local Government Secretary to come to Princes' End and Great Bridge so I can nag more about High Street funding! 

2. Prepared for a briefing on the Bin strike. 

3. Had a query on why WM trains were still being woefully bad (fully supported the PM when he said, if WM trains don't improve, they lose the franchise) 

4.Submitted a question to the Ministry of Justice on Domestic Violence and support for victims haven't been called to ask it, so will be submitting it again as a written question. 

5. Got Brexit Done!

6. Answered your emails and case work!

7. Set up meetings with businesses in Oldbury and Wednesbury. 

8. Have recruited staff (yay!)

9. Finalising a constituency office. 

10. Started the hunt for surgery venues!