Local News

A busy few days in Parliament

So, a busy few days back in Parliament, main jobs completed/in progress:

1. Invited the Local Government Secretary to come to Princes' End and Great Bridge so I can nag more about High Street funding! 

2. Prepared for a briefing on the Bin strike. 

Happy New Year!

I just want to take the opportunity to wish everyone in Great Bridge, Oldbury, Tipton, Tividale and Wednesbury an amazing New Year! 

2019 has definitely been an eventful one, and being elected your Member of Parliament has definitely beaten anything else for me on a personal level. 

We'll get Brexit done

Today, I and my other colleagues made sure we delivered on the will of the people in the referendum. 68% of people in West Bromwich West voted to leave, and time and time again people said during the election they just wanted Brexit done! Well today, we've done it.

Unemployment lowest since 1975

Unemployment is at its lowest since 1975. Locally we can't get complacent, our rate of unemployment has been falling, but is still higher than the national average.

Meeting with Boris

Team West Brom meeting the PM, making sure we Get Brexit Done!