Happy New Year!

I just want to take the opportunity to wish everyone in Great Bridge, Oldbury, Tipton, Tividale and Wednesbury an amazing New Year! 

2019 has definitely been an eventful one, and being elected your Member of Parliament has definitely beaten anything else for me on a personal level. 

2020 brings it's own challenges for our area. It's great that we've seen some investment come into Sandwell, but I will be continuing my fight to ensure that investment isn't just centred around one particular town or area and that West Sandwell gets it's fair share of funding too. 

I also can't wait to get stuck in to some exciting projects that I'll be working on, aswell as meeting so many more of you!

Thank you so much and a Happy New Year to everyone in West Bromwich West and let's smash it in 2020!